Split King Adjustable Bed

How to Dress a Split King Adjustable Bed

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bedding or create a unique look in your bedroom, knowing how to dress a split king adjustable bed is key. A split king adjustable bed is composed of two twin XL beds that are joined together and controlled with one motor. With the proper steps and knowledge, you can easily dress this type of bed for maximum comfort and style.

What Sheet do You Use for a Split King Adjustable Bed

Split King Adjustable Bed sheet

When considering the purchase of a split king adjustable bed, one of the most important factors to consider is which type of sheets will fit your new bed. Partition king beds are made up of two separate twin XL mattresses that can be adjusted independently for maximum comfort and support. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure that you have the correct set of sheets designed specifically for these types of beds. 

The right sheets for a split king adjustable bed should be made from a breathable fabric such as cotton or bamboo. Hence, they feel comfortable against your skin while also providing superior airflow throughout the night. Additionally, look out for partition king sheet sets with two fitted sheets, one top sheet and pillowcases that fit each mattress. This ensures a snug fit and prevents any bunching or shifting during sleep time.

What Kind of Sheet do You Put on the Bed

Split King Adjustable Bed sheet

When you’re looking for the right kind of sheet to dress your split king bed, there are a few key considerations that are important. The size and material of the sheet should match the dimensions of your mattress, as well as the type of fabric it is made from. It’s also essential to consider whether or not you’ll be using a top sheet or buying both a fitted sheet and a flat sheet separately.

The most common size for partition king beds is 80×80 inches, so look for sheets labelled “split king” or two twin XLs in order to cover each half properly. You can also buy two separate twin XL sheets if desired. When considering materials, look for high-quality options like cotton sateen or linen that will hold up against wear and tear over time.

1. Cotton sheet

Split King Adjustable Bed Cotton sheet

When it comes to getting A good night’s sleep, The kind of sheet you put on Your bed can make all the difference. One popular option is Cotton sheets, Which are known for their softness And breathability. But with so many different types of Cotton bedcovers available, How do you know Which ones to choose?

Firstly, consider the thread count. A higher thread count generally means A softer and more luxurious feel, But keep in mind that anything Above 800 may not necessarily be better. Additionally, Look for bedcovers made from long-staple Cottons such as Egyptian Or Pima Cottons as these fibres are stronger And less likely to pill over time.

If you have A split king adjustable bed (two twin XL mattresses), Be sure to choose Sheets specifically designed for this size.

2. Supima fabric

Split King Adjustable Bed Supima fabric sheet

When it comes to Your Bedding, The fabric of Your sheets is Just as important as The quality of Your mattress. If you’re looking for A luxurious, High-quality option That ensures maximum comfort And durability, Then Supima fabric sheets are An excellent choice. Cotton is a premium type of fibre That is grown exclusively in the US, Making it one of the finest And most sought-after materials For bedding.

Supima fabrics are made from extra-long staple Fibres which are softer, Smoother, And stronger Than regular cotton fibres. This means that sheet sets have A thread count ranging from 300 to 1000 threads Per square inch. They feel incredibly soft against Your skin while also being breathable And lightweight. Additionally, They boast excellent moisture-wicking properties That help regulate body temperature throughout The night.

3. Silk

Silk bed sheet

When it comes to choosing The right sheet for your split king bed, You want to be sure You are getting the best quality possible. One of the top options on The market today is silk sheets. It is a luxurious And soft material That not only feels great against your skin But also offers numerous benefits.

Silks have A natural sheen that gives them An elegant And sophisticated look. They are incredibly soft And provide a comfortable sleeping experience, Helping you get A good night’s rest. Additionally, This is hypoallergenic And resistant to dust mites, Making it an excellent choice For those with allergies Or asthma. It also regulates temperature well so You can sleep comfortably throughout The night without feeling too hot Or too cold.

Overall, If you’re looking For high-quality coverlets for Your bed that offer both comfort And style, Then consider investing in silk coverlets.

4. Upland cotton

Upland cotton bed sheet

When it comes to outfitting Your bed, One of the key components That you need to consider is The type of sheet that You use. A high-quality sheet can make all The difference in comfort And longevity, Which is why many people opt For upland cotton sheets. It is A popular choice for bed linens because it’s soft, Durable, And easy to care for.

One of The main benefits of sheets is Their affordability compared To other types of luxury bedding materials. Despite being affordable, They don’t skimp on quality Or comfort. In fact, They’re often just as comfortable as more expensive options thanks To their natural softness And smooth texture. Another advantage is That they come in various colours And patterns so You can easily match Them with any decor style.

5. Linen

Linen bed sheet

When it comes To choosing The right bedding for Your bed, There are countless options Out there. But if you’re looking for something That’s both stylish And practical, Look no further than A linen sheet. They have been popular in Europe for centuries, But they’re just starting To gain popularity in the U.S. And it’s easy to see why – they’re soft, Breathable, And incredibly durable.

One of The biggest advantages of choosing A linen sheet is its breathability. Unlike synthetic materials like polyester Or nylon Which trap heat And moisture, It allows air to circulate freely around your body as You sleep. This means you’ll stay cool And comfortable all night long – even in Hot weather. Additionally, This is naturally hypoallergenic And antimicrobial so it’s perfect For people with sensitive skin Or allergies.

6. Microfiber cotton

Microfiber cotton sheet

When it comes to bedding, Choosing the right sheet can make all The difference in Your sleep quality. With so many options available, It can be overwhelming To decide what kind of sheet to put on Your bed. One popular choice That has gained a lot of attention in recent years is microfiber cotton.

Microfiber cotton sheets are made from a blend Of synthetic fibres And natural fibres. This combination creates A material that is soft, Durable, And wrinkle-free. Unlike traditional coverlets, It is not pill Or shrinks after washing. It also dries quickly And is resistant to stains, Making it an ideal option for those with kids Or pets.

Another benefit Of it is affordability. While high-quality traditional sheets can come with A hefty price tag, This offers similar benefits At a more affordable cost.

7. Polyester

Polyester sheet

Are you looking for The perfect sheet to put on Your split king bed? Look no further Than a high-quality polyester sheet. It is a popular choice Among bedding options because of its durability, Softness, And affordability. Unlike other fabrics, Polyester is resistant to wrinkles, Shrinking, And fading.

When shopping for a coverlet, It’s important to consider the material. It is an excellent option because they offer Both comfort and convenience. They’re easy to care for And can withstand frequent washing without losing their shape or colour. Plus, They come in a variety of colours And patterns to match any decor style.

If you want Your bed to be comfortable yet low-maintenance, Consider investing in A set of high-quality coverlets.

8. Flannel cotton

Flannel cotton sheet

When it comes to bedding, Choosing the right sheets can make all The difference in achieving A comfortable and restful night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a Cozy option that provides warmth And comfort, Flannel cotton sheets might just be The perfect choice for you. Made from 100% cotton fibres, These coverlets are soft to The touch while also being incredibly durable.

One of the key benefits of These coverlets is their ability to keep You warm during colder seasons. The brushed surface of these bedcovers creates tiny pockets of air That help trap body heat, making them ideal for use on split king beds during chilly nights. Plus, With a thread count ranging between 160-190 per square inch, These bedcovers offer excellent breathability And moisture-wicking properties so You can stay cool and dry throughout the night.

9. Satin

Satin sheet

When it comes to choosing the perfect bedding For your split king bed, There are many options available. Satin sheets have become A popular choice for those seeking A luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience. But what exactly are they, And why should You consider them?

They are made from A blend of materials such as silk, Polyester or nylon That give them their characteristic smooth And shiny finish. They offer a soft And silky texture that feels gentle against The skin, making them an ideal choice For anyone with sensitive skin. Additionally, These coverlets can help regulate body temperature by keeping You cool in warm weather And warm in colder temperatures, Ensuring you get a great night’s sleep all year round.

10. Tencel fibres

Tencel fibres sheet

When it comes to getting A good night’s sleep, The type of sheet you put on Your bed can make all the difference. There are many different types of sheets available, But one that has been gaining popularity in recent years is Those made from Tencel fibres. So what exactly are They and why should you consider using Them on your bed?

They are made from eucalyptus wood pulp, Which is processed into a soft and silky material That is perfect for bedding. One of the main benefits of this coverlet is its ability To regulate body temperature. They absorb moisture much better Than cotton or polyester, making Them ideal for people who tend To sleep hot Or cold.

Another advantage of These sheets is that they are eco-friendly. The production process uses less water And chemicals than other materials, Such as cotton.

11. Bamboo

Bamboo sheet

When it comes to bedding, many people tend To focus on the comfort of The mattress and pillows But overlook the importance of quality sheets. The right kind of sheet can not only enhance Your sleeping experience but also provide numerous health benefits. One such sheet That has been gaining popularity in recent years is bamboo sheets.

They are made from bamboo fibres That are woven into a soft And breathable fabric. They are naturally hypoallergenic, making Them an excellent choice for those with allergies Or sensitive skin. Additionally, They have moisture-wicking properties Which help regulate body temperature throughout The night, ensuring a comfortable sleep.

Moreover, These are eco-friendly as they come from A renewable resource that requires fewer pesticides And water compared to other crops like cotton. They are also durable And long-lasting due to Their strong fibres.

12. Jersey cotton

Jersey cotton sheet

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, Having the right kind of sheet can make all The difference. There are countless options out there, But one material that has been growing in popularity is jersey cotton. But what exactly is it And why might it be a great choice for Your sheets?

First off, It is made from a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres which give it its soft, Stretchy feel. This makes it incredibly comfortable to sleep on as it conforms To your body shape without feeling too tight Or restrictive. Additionally, They tend to be more durable Than other materials, Meaning they’ll last you longer Without losing their softness.

Another great thing About them is that they’re easy To care for. They don’t require any special laundering instructions And actually get softer with each wash.

13. Egyptian fabric cotton sheets

Egyptian fabric cotton sheet

When it comes to choosing The perfect sheet for your bed, There are countless options available in The market. However, If you’re looking for A soft and luxurious fabric That can offer both comfort And durability, Then Egyptian cotton sheets might be The ideal choice for you.

It is known for its premium quality And extra-long staple fibres that make it stronger And softer than regular cotton. These sheets are made from 100% pure Egyptian And are woven into fine threads That give them a smooth texture And silky feel. The result is A comfortable yet durable sheet That can withstand years of use without losing its softness Or sheen.

One of the benefits of using This coverlet is its breathability. They allow air To circulate freely through their fibres, Which helps to regulate Your body temperature while You sleep.

Why do You Use Sheets for a Bed

Using sheets for a bed is a necessity to ensure comfort and hygiene. Whether you have a split king bed or any other type of bed, sheets are essential to make your sleeping experience more enjoyable. Sheets help keep dust mites and allergens from compromising our health and sleep quality. 

Sheets also serve as an extra layer between us and the mattress itself, making for a much softer surface to sleep on. With the right kind of sheet material, you can regulate your body temperature better during those hot summer nights when the air conditioner isn’t cutting it. Sheets made with breathable materials such as cotton help wick away sweat from our bodies but still provide insulation when needed. 

Sheets add an extra level of style to your bedroom decor as well.

How to Keep Sheets on the Bed

If you’re looking for an effective way to keep sheets on the bed, particularly a split king bed, then here are some tips that can help make your life easier. First, use fitted sheets specifically designed for split monarch beds. These sheets fit tightly around the mattress and provide extra grip so that they stay in place when you move around at night. Finally, consider using clips or straps to secure corners to each mattress; these will ensure your sheets stay put no matter what position you’re sleeping in! With just a few simple steps your bed can become a haven of comfort and relaxation with perfectly fitted sheets every night!

1. Measure sheet

Keeping sheets on the bed can be A frustrating experience For many people. Often, People find themselves waking up in The middle of the night to fix their sheet corners Or tuck in loose ends. Fortunately, There is an easy and effective solution To this problem: measure sheets.

Measure coverlets are designed To fit snugly over your mattress, ensuring That they stay put throughout The night. To keep your coverlets on The bed, Start by measuring your quilt size accurately. Make sure To take into account any extra thickness from mattress pads Or toppers.

Once you have measured Your quilt, Choose sheet sets that match its dimensions. Fitted bedcovers with deep pockets are ideal For thicker mattresses While standard pocket depth works well for thinner ones. It’s also essential To look for high-quality fitted bedcovers made from materials That will not stretch out over time Or shrink after washing.

2. Start at the headboard

Are you tired of constantly having to fix Your sheets every morning? Do they always seem To come undone and bunch up At the foot of the bed? The solution may be simpler Than you think. Start at the headboard.

First, make sure Your fitted sheet is properly sized For your mattress. If it’s too loose, It will easily slide off during the night. Next, Tuck both sides of the coverlet tightly under The mattress starting at the headboard. This will anchor it in place And prevent any slipping Or shifting.

After securing the coverlet, Add a flat sheet on top and tuck it around all four sides of The bed. Make sure to pull it tight before folding down Your comforter or duvet cover overtop. By starting with a secure foundation At the headboard, Your sheets will stay put throughout even The most restless nights.

3. Use safety pins

Keeping sheets On the bed can be A challenging task, Especially if you’re someone Who tosses and turns during The night. Fortunately, Using safety pins is an easy and effective solution That can keep your sheets in place all night long. Here’s how to use safety pins to keep Your coverlets on the bed.

Firstly, make sure you have enough of This for each corner of the sheet. Then, lift up each corner of The fitted coverlet and attach A pin to it. Make sure that you put At least two or three inches of fabric inside The pin so that it holds securely. Repeat This process for each site of The Bedcover.

4. Non slip rug

Are you tired of constantly adjusting Your sheets on the bed? Do you find it frustrating That they keep slipping off, Causing discomfort And disrupting your sleep? A non-slip rug may be The solution to your problem. 

It is a specially designed mat That can be placed underneath your coverlets To keep them in place. It works by providing friction between The sheet and the mattress, Preventing any sliding or movement during The night. These rugs come in various sizes And shapes, making it easy To find one that fits perfectly under your bedding.

To use a mat, Simply place it on top of your mattress before putting it on Your fitted sheet. Smooth out any wrinkles Or creases before laying down For a comfortable and uninterrupted night’s sleep. Say goodbye to constantly fixing Your sheets and hello To peaceful slumber with the help of a mat!

5. Gripper Under the sheet

Have you ever woken up in The middle of the night to find That your sheets have come undone And are no longer covering you? This can be frustrating And uncomfortable, But luckily there’s a solution. Using a gripper under The bedcover is an easy and effective way to keep Your coverlets in place throughout The night.

To use a gripper, Simply place it under the sheet at each corner of The bed. These grippers are designed To hold onto both the sheet And mattress, Keeping them securely in place. Not only will this prevent Your coverlets from coming undone, But it will also help to smooth out any wrinkles Or bunching.

Another benefit of using A gripper under the bedcover is That it can prolong the life of Your bedding. When sheets come loose during sleep, They tend to rub against one another And create friction.

6. Mattress Pad and Topper

A mattress pad and topper can significantly enhance The quality of your sleep. These accessories provide extra cushioning And support, Ensuring that you sleep soundly throughout The night. However, Using it may pose some challenges when it comes To keeping your sheets in place all night long. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks that You can use to keep your coverlets on The bed.

One of the most effective ways of keeping Your coverlets in place is by using sheet suspenders Or clips. These nifty gadgets attach directly To the corners of your bedcovers And hold them firmly in place throughout the night. Alternatively, You can try tucking in your bedcovers more tightly around The edges of the pad or topper. This creates a snug fit That helps prevent slipping.

7. sheet suspenders

Are you tired of constantly waking up To find your sheets in disarray? Do you spend more time fixing Your bed than actually sleeping in it? Fear not, For the solution to your problem lies within A simple product known as sheet suspenders. These handy little gadgets are designed To keep your fitted coverlet snugly in place throughout the night, Ensuring a comfortable And uninterrupted sleep.

Suspenders come in various shapes And sizes but most commonly consist of elastic bands That attach diagonally across each corner Of the mattress, Holding the sheet taut. They are easy to install And can be adjusted to fit any size bed, making them a versatile choice for all. Not only do they prevent wrinkling And bunching of sheets But also eliminate the need for constant readjustment, Ultimately cutting down on time spent on household chores.

8. Try to use clips

Keeping sheets on the bed can be A frustrating task, especially for those who toss And turn in their sleep. However, there is an easy solution to This problem: using clips. They are small, durable devices That attach to the corners of your sheets and hold Them securely in place throughout The night.

To use clips, simply attach one To each corner of your fitted sheet before placing it on Your bed. Once you’ve tucked in all four corners, The fastener will keep your sheet from slipping Or sliding off during the night. If you prefer flat coverlets instead Of fitted ones, You can still use fasteners by attaching Them directly to the sides of The mattress. 

It comes in various sizes And styles to accommodate different types of beds And mattresses. Some even have decorative designs That add a touch of personality to Your bedding.

9. Use DIY sheet

If you are tired of waking up in The middle of the night to fix your sheets, Then it’s time to consider using a DIY sheet. This simple And effective solution can help keep Your sheets securely in place throughout the night, So you can sleep soundly without any interruptions.

To make your own DIY sheet, all you need is some elastic And a few basic sewing skills. Cut the elastic into four equal pieces And sew each piece onto The corners of your fitted sheet. Once complete, Slide the elastic over each corner of Your mattress to create a snug fit that will prevent any movement Or slipping during the night.

With this easy-to-follow process, You won’t have to worry about constantly adjusting Your sheets anymore. Say goodbye to restless nights And hello to more restful sleep with this simple DIY solution!

How to Keep Mattress Together

Are you having trouble keeping your split king bed together? It can be difficult to keep two separate mattresses from sliding apart, especially when the components of the bed are not properly secured. Luckily, there are several ways that you can make sure your partition king mattress stays in one place. 

The first step is to ensure that each part of the mattress frame is properly installed and securely fastened together. Additionally, placing a board between the two mattresses can provide extra support and prevent movement. You may also want to consider using a sheet system to keep both sides in place; some mattresses come with special straps or clips that attach sheets together for added security.

How to Keep the Mattress Separate

If you’ve ever shared a bed with someone, you know how difficult it can be to find a balance between each person’s comfort and sleeping preferences. One of the best solutions is investing in a split king couch. This gives both people their own mattress that is adjustable to their needs without having to purchase two beds. But how do you keep the mattresses separate? 

The best way is to invest in a partition king frame that has been designed specifically for this type of bed setup. It will include two sections connected together so that each side can be raised or lowered independently from the other. Additionally, it should also include an adjustable bar or locking mechanism that keeps your mattress firmly attached and prevents them from sliding apart during sleep.

How to Keep the Mattress From Sliding

If you’re the proud owner of a split king bed, you know that keeping your mattress from sliding can be a challenge. Whether you have hardwood or carpeted floors, there are some simple steps that you can take to keep your mattress in place. 

Use small L-brackets between the two pieces of wood at each corner to prevent them from shifting when somebody moves around on the bed. Additionally, check regularly for any wear and tear on the brackets so they don’t come loose over time. 

Another great way to stop your mattress from sliding is by investing in quality non-slip mats or pads for both the box spring and mattress. These items provide extra grip and keep your bed firmly planted on any type of flooring surface.

What do You Require for Dressing in a Split King Adjustable Bed

When it comes to having a split king adjustable bed, there are some key factors to consider when dressing your bed. This article will cover what you need to know about dressing in a partition king adjustable couch, from the size of the sheets and duvet covers to the mattress pads and blankets. 

Split monarch adjustable beds require two sets of everything – sheets, comforters and mattresses. To properly dress this type of bed, you’ll need either two twin-sized or one king-size sheets set for each side of the bed. If using two twin sheet sets, make sure that they match in colour and pattern for a cohesive look.

1. Pillow and Pillow Cover

Pillows are a must for any good night’s sleep, and having the perfect pillow with the right pillow cover is essential for maximum comfort. Pillow covers can come in a variety of styles, sizes, fabrics and colours to suit your individual needs and tastes. For those looking to share their bed with a partner, partition king beds offer the perfect combination of size and convenience along with having two separate pillows.

When shopping for pillows and pillow covers, it’s important to consider the size of your bedding set. Split monarch beds require two separate pillows that measure 39” wide by 80” long each. This way you will be able to purchase matching sets and ensure that both sides are comfortable while sleeping solo or cozying up together as a couple.

2. Mattress and Mattress Protectors

A split king bed is an ideal sleeping solution for couples who want to customize their comfort and enjoy the benefits of dual mattresses. For maximum convenience, a mattress protector can be used to keep your partition king bed in excellent condition. 

Mattress protectors are made from durable fabric and come in a variety of styles to match the look and feel of any bedroom. While protecting your mattress from spills, dust mites, and other allergens, they also help extend the life of your mattress by preventing damage from sweat or movement throughout the night. Mattress protectors also provide added support as you sleep; this helps reduce motion transfer between partners for more restful nights’ sleep.

3. King Sheet

The king-size sheet is the perfect finishing touch for any bedroom. Whether you have a traditional king-size bed or are looking to upgrade to a split monarch, you will love the way that these sheets look and feel. Manufactured from premium materials, they offer superior softness and comfort while being incredibly durable. With an array of colours and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to find just the right set of sheets to complete your bedding ensemble.

A quality king sheet set can be found at almost any home goods store, but if you want something truly special consider purchasing a partition king sheet set. Partition kings provide extra length for taller people as each side of the bed is individually adjustable from one side of the mattress to the other. With this type of sheeting, no matter what side of the bed you may choose, you will enjoy luxurious comfort all night long!

4. Comforter

The comforter is the foundation for any great sleep experience. With a split king bed, two people can both enjoy their own customized comfort level — and that all starts with a quality comforter.

Finding the right comforter to fit your split monarch couch doesn’t have to be difficult. Today’s comforters come in multiple sizes and materials, allowing you to customize your sleep experience. Whether you prefer lightweight down-filled or something plush and cozy, there are plenty of options available out there to help make your night’s rest more comfortable than ever before. Plus, many comforters come with matching shams and pillowcases, which can add an extra layer of luxury to your bedroom decor.

5. Duvet and Duvet Cover

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your bedroom, consider investing in a split king bed with a duvet and duvet cover. A partition king couch is perfect for couples who want independent comfort while still sharing the same mattress without causing discomfort or creating any sort of disruption. For an added layer of luxury, it’s important to complete the look with a stylish and comfortable duvet and duvet cover. A white down-filled comforter fits snugly inside the protective outer layer, creating a cozy yet airy feel. The lightweight fabric also allows air to circulate in order to keep sleepers cool during warm summer nights. With its chic style and superior comfort, investing in such an ensemble can take your bedroom décor up several notches!

Split King Adaptable Bed Pros and Cons

If you’re considering a split king adjustable bed, then you need to weigh the pros and cons before making your final decision. Split monarch beds are a great way to make sure both partners can get the sleep they need with customized comfort settings. Here are some of the pros and cons of investing in one: 

The biggest benefit of a partition king adjustable couch is that each side can be adjusted independently. This means that if one partner likes it softer and the other prefers it firmer, they both can have their own preference without sacrificing any space or sleeping comfort. Additionally, these types of beds come with plenty of advanced technology options such as massage, Bluetooth capabilities for streaming music, and preset settings for when you want to relax or sleep better at night.

How to Fix a Headboard to a Split King Bed

Split king beds are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to support two full-sized mattresses and adjustable beds. However, attaching a headboard to a split monarch couch can be tricky. Thankfully, there are simple solutions that will help you secure your headboard in no time. 

The first step is to purchase the correct hardware for the job. This typically includes brackets and screws that are compatible with your bed frame and headboard size. Once you have secured the necessary parts, it’s important to measure the exact placement of each bracket before securing them into place with screws. Make sure that all four corners of the bracket line up perfectly with your desired location for a snug fit. 

Once your brackets are in place, you will need to attach your headboard by lining up its holes with those of the bracket.

How to Connect a Footboard to a Split King Bed

Split king beds are popular for their ability to provide maximum comfort and flexibility. With the help of two adjustable bases, it’s possible to customize each side of the bed with independent movement control. But when you have a split monarch bed, connecting a footboard can be tricky – especially if you’re trying to do so without purchasing specialized hardware. 

Fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can take to connect a footboard to your partition king couch. First, measure the size of your footboard and make sure it fits correctly within your frame. Then attach mounting brackets or clamps onto both sides of the footboard and secure them with screws or bolts. Finally, use threaded rods or metal bars in order to securely fasten the footboard between both sides of your split monarch bed frame. This will ensure that your footboard isn’t going anywhere!


Dressing a split king adjustable bed can be an intimidating task, but with the right tools and knowledge, it doesn’t have to be. With the help of this article, you should now feel confident in your ability to successfully dress a partition king bed. Depending on the bedding you choose, you may need additional supplies such as mattress protectors and duvet covers. A split monarch adjustable bed is not only more comfortable than a traditional bed setup but also allows easier mobility.

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